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Changing the Conversation in America, with Baltimore leading the way...

We are pleased to re-present African Diaspora Maritime (ADM).  Our efforts to establish in Baltimore have met with reason, thoughtfulness, and friendship. A native of North Carolina and world traveler, I lived in Baltimore during the mid-'70s. The challenges cities across this nation face are maintaining a balance of empathy and firmness in dealing with our now constant social disorder which can easily be mitigated by creating cities filled with inspired strivers that have expanded opportunities. ADM's wish is to work in concert with people who want to re-imagine an inspired thriving nation at peace with itself.

ADM's yacht racing team will shatter social, cultural, and psychological barriers that are now perpetually marginalizing African-Americans. This situation is putting us on edge with society at large. However, if we inspire more to strive and diversify while sharing an inspirational  Jackie Robinson, Althea Gibson, Jamaican Bobsled Team moment, African-Americans will receive the positive media/marketing attention we all urgently need. Monetizing the recognition will fund desperately needed opportunities. Our initiatives will help to repair our strife-filled nation. ADM will drastically shift the local, regional, and national paradigm from angst to accomplishment.

ADM sets itself apart from most sporting teams with a staggering return on social investment.  ADM will showcase a hands-on S.T.E.M. program, bring to light the fabulous, yet unheralded history of the Black Mariner with several amazing books and a few inspiring movies, as well as develop internships with world-class yacht designers and builders and master craftsmen in selected fields via our "Craft City" project.

ADM will produce up-linkable webinars providing an entree into the multi-billion dollar maritime industry, various fields of ocean research on display with our team include; desalinization, hydroponics, bathymetry, wetlands conservation, and international shipping logistics, just to name a few. Also creating five 'Craft Factories' producing cold glass sculpture, hand-blown glass, tongue, and grove woodworking, ceramics, and metalworking.  All combined these are stable career paths that will help to dramatically improve Baltimore. These careers will support thriving families, leading to stable neighborhoods. Craft Factories are scalable and stackable.


Lastly, having already met with many key players in Baltimore and Annapolis (see letters of endorsement below), we believe the negative conversation in America is about to change for the better. ADM will inspire Americans by providing modern-day role models, alternative learning experiences, and heroes in our quest for the America's Cup!


From the Source

"ADM and its positive mission will create a watershed moment in the proactive discussion of race and inclusion in America-- and Maryland has the opportunity to drive the boat!"

Edward R. Reilly
Maryland State Senator

"Maryland Sports supports the team's efforts to base in Baltimore on the waters of the Chesapeake... to help enhance Maryland's economy through the development of a professional sports franchise and the hosting of international sporting events."

Terry Hasseltine
Executive Director, Maryland Sports

"ADM has the potential to throw a wide wake throughout the international sailing community, sports, and culture. It provides 21st century solutions for growth and inclusion throughout the world."

Gary Jobson
America's Cup winning tactician and International Sailing icon

"I like this project. It has merit and meaning. Let's do something."

Roy McGrath
Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Governor (Maryland)

"African Diaspora Maritime is aspirational, inspirational, and international. It's just what we've been waiting for. I'm glad you walked through the door."

Michael E. Cryor
One Baltimore Chairman

"This is fabulous. This is just what we need."

Winston Wilkinson
Chief of Staff, Governor's Office of Community Initatives

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