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Women's #2 Uniform Black/White

Women's #2 Uniform Black/White




95% Polyester 5% spandex: This jersey is made out of 100% polyester. Made for athletes, to create a breathable jersey that does not limit mobility.


Moisture Wicking: Innovatively designed to bring the moisture from your body to the exterior for evaporation, allowing you to stay dry.


Stain-Release Material: Stains are no issue with this jersey. Just one wash will lift deep stains, dirt and sweat, and blood from the fabric of the jersey.


Odor-Resistant: No one wants to bring the smell of competition back home. The jersey has odor-resistant fabric that fights bad odors and keeps you smelling fresh.


Snag-Resistant: The construction of this extremely durable jersey resists all kinds of snagging, ripping, and thread issues. The high-quality ultra tight-knit stitching holds up after hard work, tough contests, and multiple washes. 

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