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The future of Baltimore

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Our barrier-breaking team will be based in Baltimore where it will inspire young people (and their parents) to eat well, exercise, learn more, and celebrate the rich history of the Black Mariner. Our team base and our events will generate pride and economic impact. By reinvesting in Baltimore, ADM's "tide will lift all boats".

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I'm very interested to see the actualization of people of color in Baltimore on the water. I echo the things mentioned in the blog. I work with a Boy Scout troop and often mention many of the points your blog mentioned when talking to them about the fact that we are surrounded by water and close to the Chesapeake Bay. We are also close to two historic areas ( Baltimore and Washington DC) that are power centers and pivotal to many consequential things that have a global import. I'm looking forward to what you do and share on this site and blog.

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